Its been about a year since we had our Enviropro monitoring system installed. I am very impressed with how flexible the system is, giving us many options at installation of what we monitored ...

Brent Wickham F. Wickham & co
Date: Jul 02, 2010
EnviroPro Capacitance Probe

High Performance Multi Function Sub Surface Probe

Monitoring Soil moisture salinity and temperature for all soil types

    • A multi function sensor located at every 10cm
    • Fully encapsulated Sealed
    • reliable and very stable
    • Maintenance free long life
    • optimised for sub surface operation
    • compatible with any logger that supports SDI-12 interface
  • Revolutionary New Design

    • The EnviroPro's Revolutionary design measures soil moisture, Temperature and EC in all Soil types, giving you consistent data¬†year after year
  • Improved Accuracy

    • Soil moisture readings are compensated for the effects of temperature and can be compensated for EC caused errors, giving you measurements which you can depend on
  • Easy Soil Profiling

    • Sensors are fitted every 10cm giving you a full picture of soil profile.
  • Mechanically and chemically stable

    • The internal electronics are fully encapsulated in epoxy nothing can move and all circuits are protected against moisture and chemicals which makes the probe reliable, consistent and very stable.
  • Maintenance Free

    • With no requirement for maintenance you save on time and money over the probe's life.
  • Suits all crops

    • The Enviropro is available in lengths of 4 sensor, 8 sensor, 12 sensor and 16 sensor - There is a size that's right for every crop.
  • Optimize your fertilizer application

    • Take the movement of nutrients thru the root zone by tracking changes in EC.
  • Optimize your irrigation event

    • with a sensor every 10cm, you can take the movement of water thru the root zone. You know exactly where the moisture is and at what depths the plant is using it.
  • Save on unnecessary leaching irrigation

    • with the ability to monitor EC build up in the root zone, you can save money, save water, save time by only applying a leaching irrigation when you need.
  • Flexible Configuration

    • The EnviroPro can be configured to output any combination of moisture, EC or temperature at all 10cm intervals.
  • Sub Surface

    • Being a sub surface probe damage from stock or machinery is minimized.
  • Compatible with wide range of loggers

    • The EnviroPro can be connected to any data logger which supports the SDI-12 interface Work with supply voltage frome 6v to 15v.