I have installed 2 EnviroPro probes connected to Adcon 's Telemetry units, as an expansion to my existing telemetry system which uses Adcon's radio telemetry units and base station, with the earlier C-Probe capacitance sensors. I have found the data from the EnviroPro to be accurate and fa...

Phillip Kroehn
Date: Jul 02, 2010



EnviroPro soil probe:


Always one step ahead!

The EnviroPro uses a revolutionary new technique, where moisture, temperature as well as salinity can be monitored in all soil types, giving consistent data year after year!

Being fully encased in epoxy, the expected life of the probe is measured in decades!

Totally maintenance free!

Fully sub-surface and Competitively priced with 5 year warranty!

EMI/EMC approved

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EnvirotekWe provide cutting edge technology in soil monitoring. With a commitment to quality, service & integrity our superior & cost-effective solutions are constantly evolving to suit the needs of our clients.

We are committed to working with existing and potential OEM partners, with the goal of being able to offer them a marketing edge.

All enquiries welcome.

To show our belief in the reliability and longevity of the EnviroPro soil probe, the product is backed with a 5 year warranty!                               EMI & EMC approved